Sculpture/seating located at the entrances to Gund Arena and Jacob's Field, Cleveland, OH


Right outside one of the gates to the Cleveland Indians Baseball stadium, these words are sprawled across Indian Square. Its a play on the classic Abbott and Costello routine about baseball that features the Cleveland Indian star Bob Feller in part of the joke. Along with the humor, its a place to sit and wait for friends.


These words do exactly what they say. Directly outside the grand entrance to the Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball arena (and just yards from where the subway exits), they provide a meeting place for those gathering for an event. Its as if the person sitting on the sculpture is saying what he/she is sitting upon, or is obeying a command. In other words, its taking the credo of 'form follows function' to an almost absurdist extreme.

Red Carnelian granite , 18 inches x 15 ft. x 62ft. each
commissioned by Gateway Economic Development
Corp. of Greater Cleveland
facilitated by The Committe for Public Art, Cleveland OH
completed summer 1994