Above, in the foreground:
Wall of Desire (Desire, Despair, Destroy, Destiny), 1996
sandbasted Glass with metal fixtures, 87 x 88 x 13 inches
Each side of each cube has a word-part ("Des, Ire, Pair, Troy" and "Tiny"), that when read with all the other cubes, reveals the four complete words. This design was modified for a Swatch watch produced in 1997 (see it in the FUNCTIONAL section on the left.)

Above, in the foreground:
Future Immune, 1995
Brocade and velvet cushions on wooden legs, 28" x 88" x 64" total
Upholstered stools that spell out the word "future" and the word "immune" with the middle row of letterforms a morph between the two

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